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Nathalie Florist Designer offers a fast and corteous delivery service. We deliver  everywhere in Vaudreuil-Soulanges : Ile-Perrot, Pincourt, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Pointe-des-Cascades, Les Cèdres, St-Lazare, Hudson, Rigaud, Sainte-Marthe, Très-St-rédempteur, St-Justine-de-Newton St-Polycarpe, St-Zotique, Les Coteaux, Coteau-du-Lac and Salaberry de Valleyfield flower shop. Worlwide we deliver 24/7. Call us today  1 855 390-0762

Tips to extend the Life and Beauty of your Plants

  • Place plants in a pot with small stones at the bottom. The stones will help with the drainage.
  • Make sure the pots have holes at the bottom. Empty any extra water off the plate.
  • Water plants regularly on hot and sunny days.
  • Don't water plants on cold and gray days.
  • Place plants that need less lighting northward.
  • Put plants that have flowers in a room facing west.
  • Put plants that need more heat and light in a room facing west.
  • Water the plants less frequently when the foliage is thicker (foliage stores water).
  • Water the plants with delicate foliage more frequently.
  • Water cacti once a week during the warm months.
  • Water cacti every three weeks in winter.
  • Add fertilizer three weeks after a plant is transplanted.
  • Use fertilizer 20-20-20 to develop strong and healthy roots and trunks. Change the fertilizer to 10-30-20 when you want the plant to flower.
  • Use insecticide or anti-fungal products to treat your plants when infested or infected.
  • Watch for signs of stress from your plants. When the leaves turn yellow you have to remove excess water by turning the plant on its side and draining it. When the leaves turn brown you need to water the plant because it is dry. When the leaves turn yellow and wither it is because they have too much light.

To Extend the life and beauty of your Flowers

  • Remove any leaves from the base of the flower. Leave a few leaves Under the flower.
  • With a floral knife, cut the end of the stem at 45 degree angle. Never use a pair of scissors because it will crush the stem and the flower will never drink properly again.
  • Put water in the base (1/3) and put the end of stem in it.
  • Don't have leaves in the water.
  • Change the water every day so there is no chance for bacteria to develop.
  • Before using, clean a vase with hot water and soap and rinse well.
  • Don't leave flowers directly in the sun or near a heating system.
  • Vaporize the leaves of the flowers from a distance of 20 cm. If the cut flowers are in a green mousse, water the green mousse.

How to Prepare a perfect Wedding

Start by bringing a photo of your wedding dress to the florist. With this he or she can help you choose the right color and dimension of the bouquet. Did you know that the wedding dress and the photographer are two of the largest wedding expenses? So take your time and consult a Professional florist like NFD. We will guide you through the entire process making sure your wedding flowers are perfectly suited to you and your wedding. Dont't forget the bouquet is the most essential accessory the bride will have. Done right and it completes the gown to perfection.